July 2019

Hello sponsors,

We finally made it to Haiti! It was a very short but successful trip for Jennifer and I. We didn’t have much time to play and visit but we accomplished so much in preparing for the new school year.

It’s very important that we make sure they are getting all the extra instruction they need to succeed. Only about 50% of the kids in Haiti go to primary school and from there only 20% are able to continue on to secondary. We are very happy to announce that we have four kids who passed the exam and will be entering secondary school in September. Congratulations to Kervens, Ketchna, Widna, and Wilsmith! To reward them for their hard work, we have found an excellent new school that will have many more opportunities for them to expand and grow.

Thank you for your support and compassion. This is all possible because of our amazing sponsors!


Brenda Staley