Update on Haiti protests

There is an ongoing serious fuel shortage in Haiti which has become a national crisis. Almost all transportation has been halted causing most schools and businesses to remain closed for the past week. Hospitals have had to postpone surgeries due to lack of fuel to run the generators and food is scarce. The people are growing very desperate and have begun protesting as a plea to their government to end this crisis. While we are frustrated that this is so disruptive to our kids education, we fully support the Haitian people rising up against the corruption and unfair conditions being forced on them.

Thank you to those who have reached out to inquire about our Haitian friends and students. Your thoughtfulness means a lot to them and to us. In my 27 years traveling to Haiti I have never seen the country in this much turmoil, however the Haitian people have a long history of overcoming hardships. They are strong and resilient, and we are confident they can persevere. This is literally a fight for their lives.

Here are some photos of the kids from their first week of school. We are so hopeful that they will return and continue their studies very soon. ️

Our next trip to Haiti is planned for October if things settle and it’s safe to travel there.



Brenda Staley