October 2017


The main purpose of our October trip was to make sure that everything we purchased in July had been distributed and the kids were settled in to their new school year. We received positive reports from each director regarding the kids progress and attendance. We are very happy to announce that 15 of our kids will now be given lunch everyday at school for the rest of the year! This is something that we have been working towards for a while and was made possible by very generous donations and the perseverance of Alexis Coyle. Most of our kids do not have the means to bring a lunch and it is very difficult for them to concentrate on an empty stomach. Our goal is to provide lunches to the remaining 8 children and I’m hopeful that we can overcome the challenges standing in our way.

Many thanks to Jennifer, Talula, Caitlin, and Sofia for joining Alexis and I on this trip. It was great having the extra help, but most of all it brings so much joy to our kids and reminds them that there are so many people who care and want the best for them.

Brenda Staley